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Raisins are the dehydrated grapes under the sunlight or in a dehydrator. Raisins have delicious chewy flesh and having the properties of anti-oxidant. Very nourishing and good source of fiber. Moreover raisins are fat and cholesterol free. Raisins contains more antioxidant than fresh grapes. Raisins are used in rice dishes , desserts and on servings of salads.

Golden Raisins Color

Golden raisins dried generally in dehydrators in control humidity and temperature that is why they retain a lighter colour. They are treated with sulphur dioxide gas to prevent darkening during drying process. They are commonly known as “Sultana”.

Green Raisins

Green raisins are slim, long and mild tarty in taste. They are dried in in well ventilated but dark indoor conditions which prevents their colour from changing. Sometimes they are treated by sulphur dioxides gas to enhance their colour.  If you require green raisins also, you can contact us.



Golden Raisins Specification: 100 Grams = ~225 Counts
Harvesting: August
Availability: September on-wards

Inner packing: Half Kg Polythene Bag
Outer packing: 20Kg Carton

Quantity Available:
500 Metric Tonnes Each


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