Pine Nut Kernels

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Pine Nuts

Also known as chilgoza and botanical name is pinus gerardiana. Trees of pine nuts grows well on stones and is also named as Stone nuts. A source of protein and dietary fiber.
Eaten is roasted and raw. Popular to be used in cakes, chocolates and meats.
Pine Nuts Specification:

Without Shells: 100grams= ~ 450grains

With Shels:  100 Grams = ~130 Counts

Harvesting period: September – November

Inner packing: Half Kg Polythene bag
Outer packing: 20kg Carton

Quantity Available:
500 Metric Tonnes

Item Listings

Botanical Name Pinus gerardiana
Family Pinaceae
Genus Pinus
Species gerardiana
Common Name Chilgoza, Neoza


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