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This  Nursery started to serve the gardening needs of Haripur city since 1921 and is the first nursery in this District Haripur (N.W.F.P). It  started under the name of Ghulam Rasool Nursrey Farm providing the grafted fruit plants.  Then in 1980  nursery name was changed to  Kamran Nursery and one branch was opened  in Saudi Arabia as well. Its name was changed to Khizra Nursery in 1996.
Now we are offering  and outsourcing quality, palms trees, young palms and seedlings of Archontophoenix, Bismarckia, Caryota, Dypsis, Chamedorea, Phoenix,Raphis, Roystonia, Washingtonia, Wodyettia etc  and of Perennials i.e., Cupressus, Cyperus, Dracena, Ficus, Yucca etc   and of Fruit Plants i.e. Citrus, Litchi, etc and of Arid zone plants, Sub tropical plants, Succulents, Cactus plants and Medicinal Plants growing and sourcing from all over the Pakistan  nurseries.
Khizra Enterprises is the subsidiary of Khizra Nursery  dealing  in the export of  various Dry Fruits i.e.  Almonds,  Apricots, Dates, Figs, Pine Nuts, Pomegranate, Raisins, Walnuts, etc. and Fresh Fruits i.e.  Oranges and Mangoes and Spices i.e.  Asafetida, Cardamoms, Cinnamons ,Cloves etc. And Dry Roses.
We emphasize quality, selections, services, and availability.  The satisfaction of the customer is always our aim, and any complaints are given our full attention. If there is any problem, we want to be first to know.

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